Thursday, August 25, 2011

More e-books are out there

Well, not having anything else to do while I'm waiting for Dahveed 4 to be edited and returned, I have formatted and put up for sale three other e-books.  The latest one is Ruth and Boaz: The Story of Yahweh's Harvest.  Note the title change for the e-book.  This is the uncut version of the story.  If you're interested in what got cut in the print copy, go the my web page and click on the title to Ruth and Boaz.  I tell what happened there.  The other two books I posted are under the "Devotional and Inspirational" page.

Did you know that a ruby-throated hummingbird's ruby throat comes in one feather at a time?  It does.  I've got one little guy that sits on my feeder and flashes his three ruby feathers while he looks me over.  They are on the bottom row of his throat, and the rest of his throat and belly are white.  It looks so odd!

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