Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Dahveed 6: Update 3

Progress on Dahveed 6 may be slow, but it is there!!  I've completed the review, selection, and rough sort of the note cards for the book.  Now, I am reading the story from 2 Samuel and 1 Chronicles again in the Hebrew, looking for clues in the text for help in plotting the story.  For instance, in 1 Chronicles 15:2 the word translated "chose" and describing the Levites is Bet Het Resh in the Hebrew.  But in 1 Chronicles 16:41, the word used to describe the "chosen" Levites sent to Gibeon is Bet Resh Resh.  The first means to carefully select the best.  The second means to select through elimination.  So, why are different words used to describe the Levites who were "chosen?"  What are the implication of the two words?  How are they used elsewhere in the story?  What might the author of 1 Chronicles be hinting at when he chose two different words?  More questions like the above can sometimes lead to interesting plot twists.

Please continue to keep me in your prayers, that this book will be written when and how God wants it to be.  God Bless.