Monday, April 13, 2015

Dahveed 6

I had a little project that needed to be done before I began reviewing note cards for Dahveed 6.  I needed to get all my note cards typed into the computer.  I've worked on it sporadically for three or four years, but never really made it a priority.  December, January, and February, I made it a priority.  There are now over 10,000 note cards in various files on my computer where they are--finally!!--easily searchable!  The cards are also tagged, so the current project is to review all the tags, subdivide and combine as necessary, and then pull out the ones for Dahveed 6.  I found a lot of cards that applied to Dahveed 6 while I was typing them in . . . So progress toward the last book of the series is on-going.

However, my father's health is declining, and a good portion of my time is, at this point, taken up with helping him.  Please pray that God's will and God's timing prevail for both my Dad and Dahveed 6.