Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dahveed 3 with corrections

Hi everyone,

A reader just let me know how those of you who have already purchased Dahveed 3 from Amazon can get the corrected version.  Contact Kindle customer support with your order number and the book title.  They downloaded the corrected version.  I'm assuming you will be able to get the new cover with it also, but I don't know that for certain.  I don't know if Barnes & Noble will do the same or not.  If anyone is able to get the corrected version from B & N, please let me know.

I've received a reply from a B & N reader, and they said customer service sent them the instruction to archive and unarchive the corrected version from their library.  It worked.  

Quick update on progress:  All the new scenes have been written.  Now I'm at the "add-in" stage, getting in the little touches that sharpen the story.  Then it goes off for editing!

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  1. I did get the new cover when Kindle updated my book.