Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rules of the Game

I just realized there were some things I should have posted with my first blog.  My apologies to readers for not doing this from the start.  Since this blog is open to both positive and negative comments, I would ask that those who post critiques, criticisms or negative reviews please follow the following format as a courtesy to other readers.

1.  Please quote the sentence or paragraph with which you are disagreeing and give the book and page number where the quote is found.  For Kindle readers, please give the location number.

2.  Briefly state why you disagree with the quote.

3.  Most importantly, please give evidence to support your opinion.  If you use the Bible, give chapter and verse.  If you use other books or articles, give the title, the author, the publication date and the page where the evidence you are using can be found.  If you are using something from the Internet, include the link so that other readers can find what you are using.

4.  Please keep your posts no longer than 400 words.

And for all those who post comments, whether positive or negative, I would ask you to refrain from any personal comments about other readers.

Any posted comments which do not abide by the above will be deleted.

Thank you to each of you who will help to keep this blog an open forum for thoughtful courteous discussion, and a source of information for those wanting it.


  1. I just wanted to comment that when I first read Dahveed I was bothered by the idea of him being illegitimate... until I was listening to a Biblical scholar and rabbinic authority explain that traditionally the sages have said that he WAS born under suspicion, and that suspicion foreshadowed the birth of the Messiah! I was so amazed at yet another example of why I love your work... it's so historically and cultured correct!!! Keep writing and I can't wait until "Dahveed 3: Yahweh's Fugutive" is available as a book... any news on that?

  2. Just finished your book "Joseph" and I just literally wept when I finished. You know some books you cry at the end like when a sweet, cute, cuddly family dog dies. But this book, wow, I'm not sure I can even explain the tears. To have a faith and forgiveness like Joseph's. I really just felt like I was a fly on the wall during his whole life. This book was lent to me by a friend and now I'm cannot wait to get the Dahveed series. There is such a depth to your books that I have not found anywhere else.

    Would you mind sharing a few of your favorite authors?

    Thanking God for your gift!!

  3. @ Leslie

    That's a hard question! Since beginning to write, I've had little time to do much reading outside of research and class work. And I've read very little at any time in the Christian book market, so I'm completely unacquainted with recent authors! I doubt that's much help to you!

  4. Your books have opened up a whole, new world to me. I've read my bible through several times and spot read stories and books of the bible many times as well. The dimension of culture you have been able to capture in your books has greatly enriched my spiritual life. Understanding the way that honor and status were used in day-to-day life has been one the most helpful concepts I have walked away with.

    Ever since your book "Joseph" was given to my oldest son as a gift just after its release our entire family has been hooked. We have read all of your books together as a family and look forward to reading Dahveed IV when it is released. Thank God for your gift and thank you for sharing it with all of us.


  5. Hi,
    I've read Dahveed 1 & 2, I have Ruth and Boaz, and I've read Joseph many times. I love to read your books. I had two questions, though. One,
    Where do you get all your information? I like to write and I want to write about Rachel and Leah. I can't find enough legimate info though.
    Second question: How come Review and Herald cancelled the Dahveed series?
    Thanks for your time and your books!

  6. @ Rachel
    The information I use comes from historical research. If you are interested in writing about Rachel and Leah, you would need to do research about the Middle Bronze Age in the Ancient Near East. You would need to take extensive notes on all aspects of the time period and the societies, peoples and cultures in it. Geography is usually important also, as well as agricultural information and animal husbandry. I also use as many Bible commentaries as I can find, and many of the twists in my plots have come from dissertations and journal articles on specific aspects of the times, culture, or details in the Biblical record. Hope this helps!

    As for why the Review cancelled the Dahveed series, all I know is posted on my web site. A link there is at the top of this page on the right.

    Terri L Fivash

  7. In Yahweh's Chosen, page 128, I'm wondering how Eliab smelled the oil Dahveed accidentally got on him and never figured out what happened. The rest of the book seems to say that if anyone was near him soon after or would have smelled the robe they would have known he had been anointed. On page 133 it basically says he could only imagine what Eliab would say or do if he found out. How did Eliab not find out, being he smelled the oil on page 128 when Dahveed left?