Friday, June 10, 2011

The First One

Why I, as an author who studies, writes about, and revels in 1000 BC, am now blogging on the internet is a question I haven't been able to answer yet.  And why I decided to begin this blog just as I am ready to turn into a pumpkin and put down roots in front of my computer while I work on the next Dahveed book is also beyond me.  Yet, here I am doing it!

I guess it grew out of the questions I hear from readers who want to know how the next book is coming and what I am working on now.  To be perfectly literal about that last comment, I'm listening to William Tell Overture and writing this blog.  Do I always listen to music when I write?  Yes.  99.9% of the time.  Classical only, no words, at least not in English.  (Dahveed 1 will forever be connected to Rachmanioff. ) By the end of the summer I won't be able to listen to classical music without my fingers itching, and my brain beginning to plot---something, anything!

The blog also seemed to be a good way to provide a forum for readers to communicate with me, and with each other.  So, I hope you enjoy it.  As far as I can see right now, I won't be posting a lot, too busy writing, but I will try to keep current with what's been put on it by others.  I will also try to keep my web page updated with significant news. 

To those of you who have purchased my books so far, THANK YOU!  Remember, Dahveed 3 is now available as an e-book for Kindle and Nook from and Barnes & Noble.  And for those of you without Kindles, "Kindle for PC" free application should be of help.  See "Ordering Information" on my web page. 

Back to writing!

P.S.  Anyone got a good name for this blog?


  1. Terri - Thank you.

    Thank you from the heart for writing books that are not only wonderful fun, but spiritually refreshing, calling us to prayer and deeper understanding of Scripture.

    Our whole family has thoroughly enjoyed the books.

    Some of us are on pins and needles waiting for the next one...although it promises to be a tough read (heartbreaking.)

  2. I have been greatly blessed by your books! I have read all of your books multiple times. I have given away several copies of Joseph. I am very anxious to get the 4th Dahveed book.

  3. re: blog name
    How about a play on words involving your name?
    "It is Fivashed"
    "Fivashly Writing"

    or alliteration
    "For Fivash Fans"
    "Fivash Fans"

    or something about writing
    "Writer's Itch"

    Hopefully that's good food for a brainstorm.

  4. All we need to do now is get you on twitter and facebook!!!! [right after you finish Dahveed 4 :)]... my wife and I will be praying for you...


    yeah, I know... quite a stretch, I'll think of something though...

    PS If you need proof readers I have 3 volunteers for you! *My sister, my wife and myself*
    (translators to spanish too!)

  5. Your books on Daveed were excellent. We have been anxiously waiting for the 3rd book to come out. I understand that it has but in i book form? We do not have that technology and would like to continue reading your books. Is there any way to get them in paperback like the first 2 books?
    We are hooked, don't leave us hanging. Thanks

  6. @ Connie Jean. No, unfortunately, Dahveed 3 is only available as an e-book. Please visit "Ordering information" on my web site to find out how you can get the book without having a Kindle. The link to the web page is posted on the upper right of this page. Thanks!

  7. Terri, I have ravenously devoured all 3 Dahveed books, using Kindle for PC for Yahweh's Fugitive. I was really dreading reading a book that way, thinking that not holding a bound book in my hands would really diminish my enjoyment. But the story was so riveting, I nearly forgot I was on my computer! You're such a gifted storyteller; thank you for bringing Dahveed and Jonathan's friendship to life.

    I have one question about the storyline of Yahweh's Fugitive: Why did you choose to present polygamy as God's will for Dahveed? I've always assumed that his multiple wives were some of the many poor choices he made, and God used him despite his many mistakes. I'd love to get your insight on this.

    Thanks so much!!

  8. @3coolkidsmom

    You caught me with a free minute. Normally I'm writing at this time! Remember, God works within cultures. Reading the laws given in Exodus and Leviticus demonstrates that very clearly! If Dahveed was going to be king of Israel in the full sense of the word for that culture and time, he would inevitably acquire wives. Marriage sealed treaties and, many times, surrenders also! God also takes the long range view and He is well aware that due to sin, sometimes the "right" choice is simply not one of the choices available. Think about the options open to the nations in response to Hitler and Nazism. Many times the choice is a decision about which option will bring the least evil. In Dahveed's time rulers expanded their territory in primarily two ways. Marriage or war. Dahveed acquired the core of Judah, if not all of it, by marrying Abigail. And throughout Judah's history as a nation, it remained loyal to Dahveed's house. This is in contrast to Israel and its kings. Dahveed's marriage to Abigail probably saved Judah from the same violence that plagued the northern kingdom. I believe, therefore, that polygamy was the lesser evil and so would be God's will. Hope this helps!

  9. Thanks for the quick and thoughtful response! It certainly made me stop and think, but I must say that I just can't buy that God changes His laws to fit different cultures. God very purposefully set Israel apart from other countries in many ways: they were not to have any other gods, they could win major battles when all odds were stacked against them, they were led by a judge instead of a king for many years. . . My point is that they didn't need to capitulate to the cultures around them. Could their God not find another way for them to make treaties or acquire land? Was He impotent? Obviously not! He worked very visibly and mightily throughout Israel's history. He didn't need Dahveed, or any other king, to break His laws so that things would turn out well. He simply doesn't need our help that much!

    But, to be honest, I do have an argument with myself going on in my head. How could God have called Dahveed a man after His own heart if he was deliberately going against God's will? Could Dahveed have been ignorant of God's original design for monogamy? There's no biblical evidence that he ever repented of polygamy. However, his relationships with so many women certainly caused him a lot of grief!

    Anyway, thanks again for your response. It'll be bouncing around in my head for awhile. But I'll sign off for now -- don't want to keep you from writing my next favorite book:-)

  10. Hi Terri,

    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all your books, starting with Ruth... in fact I have given away a number of copies of Ruth and Boaz - it starts as a loan, and then so many other people end up reading them that I give up and buy myself a new copy, only to loan it out again! Your portrayal of Ruth inspired me to buy a harp, which I have thoroughly enjoyed playing for the last few years. I have often wondered if your description of "the Forest Song" was based on an actual piece you had heard - if so, would you mind sharing the name of it, because I would love to hear it!

    Looking forward to the next installment in the Dahveed series!

  11. I'm going to give my two cents on a blog title!
    Title: Between the Verses
    Description: Deeper meaning through ancient voices

    Title: Digging Through History
    Description: Discovering our God in yesterday's heroes

  12. Have thoroughly enjoyed all of your books and especially Dahveed.... Your work has truly made God more real to me. And as a result, led me closer to HIM. We named our second son Moriah Matthew Dahveed. We call him Davi (Dahvee)

    Thank you for the work you do - and for allowing God to use your talents to bless others!

  13. I've given copies of Joseph as gifts, but my books (my Joseph, two of my Dahveeds, and my Ruth and Boaz) are very prized possessions since you signed them! My brother is jealous, haha. I am very blessed to be a student at Andrews and in your area. On pins and needles for number 4! (I have copies of three on my Nook and ipad that I've already read 4 times!)

  14. @ animika
    I'm honored that you would name your son Dahveed, and that you have gotten such a blessing from the story. May Yah bless you all!

    Terri L Fivash

  15. Your books have been such a spiritual blessing to me. I read them over and over, and they bless every single time. I do have a question though. I read the preview for Dahveed 3 on Amazon. It promises to be just as riveting as the previous ones by the way, but I wondered why you chose to write this one in the third person instead of the first. For me the change gives it a little different flavor.

  16. I vote for Meghan's two blog title suggestions.

    I too am rereading book 3 many times while waiting for book 4!

    I am praying that you'll find a Christian book publisher soon so that you can have a much wider audience. I believe that sometimes God pushes us out of the nest so He can do other things with us. I have shared your books with my "pre-Adventist" friends and they love them. They are "techie" also and very glad to have them on the Kindle.

    All things work together for good, right?!

  17. @ Sassy
    Dahveed 3 has three story lines going on at once. So if the story is following a character other than Dahveed, I used the third person point-of-view. Hope that explains what you read!

    Terri L Fivash